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Husain Kothari

Founder, Portfolio Manager

Husain is the founder and Portfolio Manager at KIP Capital. He believes wealth can be compounded through long-term ownership of quality businesses.


He founded KIP in 2011 with a singular strategy: long positions in high quality, owner-friendly businesses that compound wealth over extended time frames. 


Husain believes that the markets are largely efficient with pockets of inefficiencies. These let patient investors capture mispriced assets and enjoy outsized returns. 


Using a quality-first approach, Husain maintains a watchlist of under 300 firms in his investable universe. His best ideas have produced multi-year performance of 12%+ year-on-year for clients.


At KIP, Husain fosters two edges: behavioral and analytical. 

A behavioral edge relates to:

  • the temperament of the team at KIP (resolute about the strategy yet adaptable, down-side risk averse, high discipline).

  • organizational culture that nurtures patience (time-horizon arbitrage, compensation that rewards patience). 

  • client-partners’ disposition to pursue long-term economic growth, and overlook short-term volatility.


An analytical edge rests on:

  • process > outcome

  • depth into best ideas only

  • economic profits > accounting profits

  • high-quality, repeatable decision-making


Husain has been an entrepreneur in the MENA region since 1995. He is the co-founder of Zahra Group, a Kuwait-based holding co. with investments in hydrocarbons. Husain has led the founding of oil and gas ventures including Kuwait Energy. 


Husain has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin. He is fluent in several languages including Arabic and Urdu. He lives in Kuwait with his wife, three children and their families.

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Shabbar Kothari

Associate PM | Investment Analyst

Shabbar is an Associate Portfolio Manager & Investment Analyst at KIP. He has played a crucial role in the firm's growth from an idea to a thriving reality.

In addition to ongoing research efforts, he supports the PM in executing portfolio management.

Shabbar has helped shape the firm’s philosophy, research process and tools. This includes KIP’s IP related to idea generation, data checklists, industry knowledge, valuation, and decision-making. Further, his work has deepend KIP’s unique focus on Economic Profits that see beyond accounting distortions. 

His expertise includes identifying undervalued ‘moaty’ businesses. His best performing long recommendations have returned 25-30% year-on-year.

Shabbar believes the next AI-proof investing edge is primary research. He is working to develop this at KIP.

He brings 10+ years of advisory and investment management experience. He has also independently advised SME founders in the Gulf.

Shabbar holds the CAVIE certificate by the Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing at the Richard Ivey School of Business (WU). He has a bachelor’s degree in International Business & Management from the University of Missouri-St. Louis (Cum Laude).

Shabbar has twice attended Kuwait University as guest lecturer to share his views on equity research and valuation.

He lives with his wife and two children in Kuwait. He enjoys immersing himself in books and attending performing arts.

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Aamir Kothari

Investment Analyst

Aamir is an Investment Analyst at KIP and brings over 7 years of investment research experience.


His primary responsibility includes identifying and evaluating companies for inclusion into client portfolios. He is an expert in conducting in-depth research on equities and industries, extracting important qualitative insights. 


Aamir is also involved in enhancing KIP’s investment framework, proprietary models and overall toolkit towards KIP’s mission to grow client’s wealth. 


His background in Psychology and Finance allows him to uniquely understand people, businesses and markets, ultimately making him a more skillful investor and analyst.


Aamir holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from York University in Toronto and has completed his CFA Level 1.

He lives with his wife in Kuwait. They both actively volunteer to counsel students regarding their education and career.

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