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Our investment philosophy is value investing. Our investing universe is limited to businesses with sustainable competitive advantages, also called economic wide-moats. We conduct a rigorous qualitative analysis coupled with a forensic quantitative investigation of a business. If it passes our checklists and filters, we seek to purchase its common stock at prices below our assessment of its intrinsic economic value.


We seek businesses that demonstrate a history of high returns on their invested capital. We also recognize that businesses that can re-invest capital at a high incremental return for extended periods are rare and substantially more valuable. We focus solely on such wealth-compounders. Equally important, we stay alert against and shun wealth-destroyers. For purchasing a short-listed business, our valuation and buying discipline focuses on maximizing a margin of safety, while minimizing the opportunity cost.


Our process is a singular focus in identifying economic wide-moats and exercising a rational valuation and price discipline. In doing so, we ensure that we partner with talented and ethical corporate managers who leverage the competitive advantages of their businesses by allocating capital to only the highest-return opportunities.

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