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O'Reilly Automotive Inc. (ORLY)

One-Minute Pitch

  • One of 3 leading aftermarket auto-parts retailer in the US. Second largest in terms of store-count.

  • Narrow Moat: Strength of Brand and Economies of Scale (cost advantages) afforded by its large distribution infrastructure.

  • 4-star business and 4-star investment.

  • Last-traded price of $547 implies a sales growth CAGR of 0.8%. Very conservative in our view and implies its undervalued.

  • Our valuation model implies an intrinsic value ranging from $709-$847 per share, a Margin of Safety ranging between 23 to 36%.

  • Our investor return model implies an Investor return CAGR% ranging between 10 to 16% over 10 years.

  • We recommend a Buy.

For full report, see link below

O'Reilly Automotive Investment Presentation
Download PDF • 1.77MB

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